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Privacy Policy
User's Privacy Rules

The paxful-coins.uk Ltd, project respects its users in terms of privacy. We realize how important it is to protect the information received from users, so we posit this document, which will inform you about how the information provided by users is collected, stored and applied.

Our company collects your personal information only with your consent and confidence in the security of your personal information on our program. Users should note, that the collection of personal informations is only from adult. The rules of our company explain, how your information is collected and used. These rules apply only in our website. Information which is collected when you visit this site.

Coinsed Trust Ltd, does not send personal data to third parties for marketing purposes. We can use your data to send information.

When visiting our site, the company may record cookies, flash cookies or other types of files on your computer or other device. These files can be used to identify the user, evaluate the advertising activities, ensure the security of your account.

To improve the user service, all the information we receive helps to give more effective feedback in support. We are constantly upgrading and improving the service with the help of the information and feedback that provide.

We are not responsible for the placement by third parties of personal data, information about the project, content and links to third-party sites and services.